No Worries!
Our team works with your group and plans every detail from start to finish – the travel, the activities, the gear, the lodging, the food & beverage, and anything else you can possibly think of. We offer outdoor retreat adventures as the focal point of an experience that involves an element of learning new skills and lessons that drive lasting change.

Fresh Thinking
By taking this experience outdoors, participants to achieve "breakthrough and outside of the box" thinking that revolutionizes their lives. Additionally, human beings have a deep and innate desire to connect with nature.

Life Changing
These experiences can rejuvenate a business, a personal life, reconnect someone to their spiritual life and the natural world, and has long lasting implications that pay dividends for years to come. Change, survive, and thrive.

At the end of each day, we land back at "Base Camp" and catch up. On all of our trips, after dynamic daytime activities that provide refreshment, in addition to our group learning, we gather at the day's end by the campfire. This fellowship time is very productive and this is usually where the most profound things occur.

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