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Wapiti caters primarily to people and we work with groups of a variety of sizes and can customize the outing to your specific goals and budget. We have a comprehensive team of business leaders, coaches, mentors, mavens, and consultants that we partner with to provide maximum impact on our outings. We also work willingly with any consultants that you may have on retainer in order to maintain continuity in your corporate initiatives. We would be happy to provide references that will give testimony to our exceptional programs. We also have a tremendous list of resources that we utilize to custom tailor the best very best adventure for your organization.

If you are looking for new ideas, authentic solutions, and positive change in your business and life, you will find it on a Wapiti adventure. We work with our customers to help them achieve their objectives and chart a course for something very special. Our comprehensive programs are for busy people that want to disconnect and recharge. It is a life altering event. The time away will produce a return on the investment.

So many of us get caught up in the "follow the crowd mentality". Doing the right things that make lasting impact takes bold leadership and fresh thinking. Coming up with that thinking and developing a unified team with a common purpose and focus is a challenge. You can revolutionize the way you approach business and your daily life - with both a short-term and long-term view. It is very difficult to traverse up to the necessary levels without something to disrupt the regular flow of things. To change the mind, you must change the framework of the thinking.
Oxygen inspired thinking.

Some of our programs include:

Vision Discovery
Strategic Planning
Team Building
Change Management
Leadership Training
Motivation & Inspiration
Peace in the Home
Building Tomorrow's
Leaders Today
Conflict Resolution

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