The Wapiti Story

Changing to Thrive
Everybody has a story and Wapiti is no exception. We are inspired by the ability of the elk to change and not just survive, but to thrive! The Native American Indians referred to the elk as the "wapiti". More specifically, the word wapiti came from the Shawnee Indians, who eventually landed in the Midwest after migrating from the East. Bull elk were viewed by the Indians as the ghost kings of the high country in the American west and they are one of the most elusive creatures in North America. They are more cautious and wary than deer, and they are much more difficult to track. They live at higher elevations, travel longer distances in the day, and cover more ground than most other wild game. They have a "sixth sense" that is sensitive to human presence. They can vanish into aspen groves so thick one would think it impossible to enter the woods. They are driven by their survival. Today, elk do not wait for hunters to show up, rather they respond to upcoming hunting pressure 48 hours before opening day. Amazing.

It was not always this way. There was a time when they roamed freely in the open – for centuries elk lived out in the prairies and grazed on the rich grasses in large numbers. Lewis & Clark encountered them and in the spring of 1805 Meriwether Lewis wrote in his journal and described herds in the thousands as they made their way in search of a Northwest Passage. Westward expansion pushed the elk up high into the Rocky Mountains. Today they hide out at the timberline until heavy snows force them down in the winter. The elk have changed to survive and businesses and human beings must too. A quick glance at the headlines should convince anyone that there are no guarantees in today's business climate. The world we live in is an ever changing place. Adapt or pay the price. If this creature we call the elk can change, we can also. Why just survive when you have the opportunity to thrive!

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The Wapiti Story
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